Dog Grooming Packages

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Add-On Experiences

In addition to the MetroHound Standard, treat your pet to any of these three add-on experiences

MetroHound Standard

  • Nose-to-tail Inspection
  • Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Grind
  • Anal Check
  • Fluff Dry
  • Brush Out
  • Personality Trim
  • Cologne
  • Bow/Bandana

Undercoat Release

This package is recommended for our double-coated clients and includes clarifying and moisturizing products to release undercoat as well as a longer brush-out session which removes undercoat while enhancing shine and luster.


  • Deep Remoisturizing Conditioning Treatment
  • Extensive brush out and de-shedding
  • Coat Shine Spray
  • Tooth Brushing/Breath Refresh


This is a fantastic package for your dog! Included is our top-of-the-line aromatherapy bath, which calms and relaxes your dog with fantastic aromatic oils and massage. Clients will have a choice of three aromatherapy scents.


  • Choice of Aromatherapy Shampoo
  • Choice of Aromatherapy Conditioner
  • 10-minute Massage
  • Coat Shine Spray
  • Tooth Brushing/Breath Refresh


This spa package is for those pets who may be experiencing skin conditions commonly associated with either food or environmental allergies that need a little more T.L.C. Your pet will receive medicated shampoo and conditioner to invigorate and stimulate healthy skin cell regrowth as well as to soothe and calm flare ups.


  • Derma Relief Shampoo
  • Derma Relief Conditioner
  • Medicated Ear Cleaner
  • 20-minute Massage

Extra Treats

  • Hand Stripping
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Nail Caps (Soft Paws) Dogs and Cats
  • Flea and Tick Preventative
  • Flea Bath/Capstar
  • Toothbrushing
  • Deep Sea Mudbath
  • Creative Grooming:
    - Small Stencil
    - Nail Painting
    - Feather/Hair Extension
    - Earl Coloring (Semi-permanent)
    - Tail Coloring (Semi-permanent)

As you can appreciate, specific prices depend on a number of factors including the package and services you select, as well as the breed of your pet. Additional considerations that affect the time necessary to provide quality, professional services include your pet’s coat type, the current condition of the coat, any health-related issues and your pet’s temperament.


We look forward to the opportunity to show you how MetroHound Mobile Pet Spa can benefit your pet and you.