Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I schedule online?

Because all of our grooming is done in vans that come to your home, we need to make sure we’ll have a groomer in your area and that we’re free.  Also, different breeds and sizes take different amounts of time. So, we find it best to speak to you prior to booking a groom at a mutually convenient time.  Once we have groomed your pet once, we can usually schedule reoccurring appointments for your convenience.

Why are prices not listed on your website?

There are so many factors involved in grooming a dog or cat (size, breed, time since previous groom, health issues, matting, etc.) that we need to discuss your pet’s condition at a minimum, and see him or her before we can make a more accurate assessment.  We will usually quote a range for your first groom.

When you say, "prices starting at", what could make the cost increase?

Factors that may increase the cost include: matting, coat condition, skin issues, temperament (we’ll spend more time working with/training dogs that have behavioral issues), health related issues, age (senior pets may need to take breaks during the groom).  Having your pet on a regular grooming schedule will mitigate most of these issues.

How far out in advance do you schedule?

We recommend clients get on a regular 4, 6 or 8 week recurring appointment that is scheduled throughout the year.  If you prefer to call in for an appointment, we recommend calling at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

How often does my pet need to be groomed?

We recommend 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on your pets specific grooming needs.

How long will the groom take?

No idea.  We jest, but until we see your pet and work with him or her for the first time, it is a guess.  Obviously a Newfoundland will generally take much longer than a beagle, but grooming times vary significantly.  For smaller dogs, plan on an hour; for larger dogs, plan on two hours. But this varies more by the condition of your pet.

What type of products do you use?

We have a variety of premium products/shampoos/conditioners.  We promote using all natural, chemical free, organic products whenever possible.  We’ll use the best product for each pet’s specific skin/coat needs.

Do you have to hook up to a power or water source? Do you use recycled water? Do you use warm water?

We rarely need to hook up to a power source and never to a water source.  We have a fresh-water tank for bathing and a grey-water tank for used water, so we won’t be leaving anything behind.  And we have warm water.

May I come into the van during the grooming session?

It is important for our groomers to build a trusting relationship with your pet.  And to do this, it is best for us to have one-on-one interaction.

Does the groom take place in my home or in a van?

The groom will take place in one of our custom-built vans.  All the mess is ours.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take credit/debit cards or checks.  Gratuities can be paid in cash, but our groomers do not carry any change.